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How is the world clock and time zones?

World clock is given by the rotation that perform Earth around its axis. Earth’s rotation is performed in a 24-hour period, and this for every point has a rotating 360 degrees, hence the time zone differences.
If you divide the 360 ​​degrees it takes 24 hours rotation is obtained for each movement of the Earth at a distance of 15 degrees longitude is called the time zone. The first time zone includes 7 ° 30 ‘west longitude and 7 ° 30’ east, at 12 considering themselves to be in the middle when a time zone meridian is to the sun at noon. Therefore all localities that have the same time official time zone.
Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)
In 1884 at Greenwich in England was established during the reference for defining time zones, called Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). Greenwich meridian designates the start point of each time zone in the world, universal time. Before this, people used to measure time according to sunrise and sunset, resulting in different times from city to city.
But Greenwich was not really the prime meridian, but there were other countries that have clip position. The French claimed a good time to 0 longitude passing through Paris, namely the church of Saint-Sulpice. In 1884 at Washington, when the Greenwich Meridian was adopted as the prime meridian of the world, France has refused to recognize him. So between France and England went a long struggle of egos, the two countries along with meridians going up in 1911. Even nowadays some French cartographers maps indicate the specific meridian of Paris.


time zone

time zone

Countries with their own time zone

Although most countries have established time after GMT, some states have adopted their own time zone. The most recent initiative of this kind belongs to Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez changes time decreeing the country, for people to enjoy as much light. Such clocks in Venezuela would be given back half an hour, and the new time zone was introduced from 1 January 2008.
Venezuela is the first country to change the local time. Britain has operated and it repeatedly, 7 in number, time zone changes, in 1916 and to date. The Canadian province of Newfoundland is a half hour behind the rest of the country and several Australian cities have their own time zone: Eucla (45 minutes before western regions), Madura, Mundrabilla and Border Village. In fact Western Australia adopted daylight saving on a trial period (December 2006 – March 2009) where time zone differences and results.
First celebrated passage in the New Year are residents Kiribati Islands, a tropical paradise located near the equator halfway between Hawaii and Australia. Kiribati covers an area of ​​800 km from north to south, and the capital Tarawa is located in Gilbert.
Although currently at current time zone is set according to Universal Time, GMT, there are differences sensitive, some countries having its own time zone.
Due to time difference, in Dubai the weekend is not as we know, from Friday evening to Sunday evening, but last Thursday night to Friday night.
On April 14, 2006, and Sri Lanka time zone change, giving clocks 30 minutes ago to take the same time with the neighboring country, India.
Also, the world clock difference is recorded throughout the year on what is called “summer time”. In Afghanistan for example there is summer time, while in Israel the transition to summer time is conditioned by the law of the summer (summer must last at least 150 days).

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What time is it in What is a world clock?

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